Volunteering with the PTSO

The Whispering Wind Academy Parent Teacher Student Organization wouldn’t be able to exist, operate, or continue to make the progress it does without the help and support of our volunteers. 

Volunteers being able to show their passions, support the children, and inspire our WWA Community continues to be the foundation of this organization.

We’re always looking for more parents and community supporters, to join in the organization, and continue to make a difference!

Guardian Volunteer Google Form

Volunteer Coordinators

We have multiple types of coordinators, and we’re always looking for people who are willing to show up for an hour or two to make sure our teacher luncheons, community events, and fundraising events all go as smoothly as possible! 

You can show your interest in participating by reaching out to us directly via Facebook or Email, or even submitting a website Contact Form or filling out our more detailed Google Form!





Board Members

The PTSO Board currently consists of a President, Secretary, Treasurer Bank, and Treasurer Books. View our About Us page to learn more about our current members.

We have two official board positions open for VP of Communications, and VP of Events, and we’d love to have WWA Parents step up and help keep the organization going! View positions descriptions Here.

WWA Community Members are more than welcome to our monthly board meetings, every third Tuesday of the month.






The PTSO has partnerships with local vendors, restaurants, and stores as a way to build community as well as fundraise. 

If you’re interested in creating a partnership, please fill out This Form, for us to contact you!




Frequently Asked Questions

What does the PTSO do? 

The purpose of the PTSO is to be a resource to school staff, and provide enrichment to the student education experience! See our About Us page to learn more.

Are Board Positions Paid?

Board members are unpaid volunteers. With that said, more members means less work for everyone overall! Join the board or become a dedicated coordinator!

How much time will it take?

Board members can anticipate to dedicate approximately 5 to 10 hours a month to their duties, while coordinators have a lot more flexibility! We want to meet you where your needs are, so even if you’d like to join the board, but feel you have less time or responsibility bandwidth, email us to ask about split positions!